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Ho ricevuto una mail da Henry, del sito Zeiss Ikon Contax Camera Repair.ecco quello che mi dice:

Your lens was made in Germany sometime after 1951 probably at the Zeiss Jena works in East Germany.  It is a converted collapsible 50mm f2.0 Sonnar originally made for the 35mm Contaflex TLR camera taken out of the Contaflex TLR collapsing mount and put into a rigid Contax mount.  The rigid mount on your lens was made only after 1951.  I’ve seen a number of these converted lenses, but all of them were made before World War II.  The rigid mount on your lens is a post war mount and so the lens was obviously made after World War II.  Yours is the only postwar converted TLR collapsible lens I’ve ever seen and so it has a very strong collector value and is extremely rare and special.  It badly needs to be properly cleaned before it can be sold.  I’m not surprised you’ve had a hard time getting it identified because in all my life I’ve only seen four converted lenses and they were all made before World War II.

wow, la mia ricerca continua.

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